Mora’s suspended win in race 1 at Estoril

Francisco Mora was crowned winner, this Saturday, of the first race of the fourth round of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Ibérica, at Autódromo do Estoril, beating Manuel Alves by a difference of 0.237s, at the end of a very lively dispute that had Vasco Barros as third placed, after Pedro Salvador had given up following a “touch” and when he was leader.

The incident was analyzed by the sports commissioners who decided to suspend the final classification until this Sunday. “If this is not a ‘touch’… Just look at the images”, complained Pedro Salvador, attributing responsibilities to Francisco Mora, who despite having won was not satisfied with what happened on the seventh round. “Honestly, I don’t think it was my fault, let alone any intention of harming Pedro. I was already side by side, he crossed to accelerate and came at me. I wasn’t going to lift my foot, given the position I was in. I have a lot of respect for Pedro and this is an unpleasant situation. I admit he didn’t see me or count on me being there. I’m sorry about the accident, but we’re going to wait for the stewards’ decision…”, said Mora. Pedro Salvador took command of the race right at the start, seconded by Francisco Mora and Manuel Alves, a trio that stood out until the aforementioned incident happened between curve 3 and VIP. Alves was satisfied with the second finish, but he wanted more… “I wasn’t happy with the blue flags in the doubles, although I recognize that Mora is very experienced. Even so, I tried everything in the end to get over it.

Tomorrow there’s more and today the overall result of LOB Motorsport was excellent…”, said the young Trofa driver. Vasco Barros returned to the podiums, after making a good start and placing himself next to the leading trio. “I was surprised that the Safety Car did not come on after the accident between Mora and Salvador… I set my pace and finally finished a race, which, together with winning the podium, was a great way to start the weekend” , declared the LOB Motorsport driver.

José Barros, author of the “pole” in the AM category, dominated from beginning to end, to ensure a precious triumph, confessing, in the end: “Although it may seem like it, this victory was very difficult in a race full of adventures, to the point of We changed strategy three times. And I could have lost, but it was great to have won against very strong competition”. Ian Barrett, the second placed, had an excellent performance, managing to get the better of an always fierce Ricardo Costa, and Leandro Martins, who even walked at the back of the peloton, also shone at a great height, which earned him the conquest of the last podium place in that category.

Super disputed was also the GD category race, which ended up being won by Aloísio Monteiro, but only on the last lap, when he overcame Rui Miritta. “It was an excellent fight between the three of us, always with a lot of respect. First, I was arguing with Miguel Caetano, but we both did a ‘top’ and Miritta rose to first place. He defended himself very well, I have to congratulate him, but I managed to pass him in the ‘photo finish’ and add a very important victory, given the absence of my main opponent [Chris Hillaby]”, declared the “boss” and pilot by The Racing Factory. Rui Miritta, who once again took his Porsche 991.1 to battle with the 991.2, got a second place that tasted like victory… “Our fight was very good. My only regret is that I ran out of gas on the last lap, but it was already great to be on the podium”, underlined the driver from Valongo.

Who had reason to be less satisfied was Miguel Caetano, who led the GD for a good part of the race. “We started well, with the conquest of the ‘pole’, then with the ‘full course yellow’ the opponents approached and I ended up being overtaken by Aloísio. Leaving Parabólica, in the fight with him, I still spun, but avoided hitting the rails. Anyway, the objective was to win at home, but it was worth it for the podium, for the fun and for having reached the end with the right car…”, commented Caetano.

Race 1 (Suspended Classification)
1º, Francisco Mora (Veloso Motorsport/ProAm), 30.16.213
2º, Manuel Alves (LOB Motorsport/ProAm), a 0.237s
3º, Vasco Barros (LOB Motorsport/ProAm), a 14.524
4º, José Barros (Veloso Motorsport/AM), a 20.947
5º, Miguel Lobo (Veloso Motorsport/ProAm), a 21.942
6º, Ian Barrett (AM), a 45.525
7º, Leandro Martins (Racar Motorsport/AM), a 48.238
8º, Ricardo Costa (Monteiros Competições/AM), a 52.322
9º, André Fernandes (AF Motorsport/AM), a 59.617
10º, Gonçalo Fernandes (AM), a 1.19.599
11º, Jorge Ramirez (RGB Racing Team/AM), a 1.26.265
12º, Aloísio Monteiro (GD), a 1.29.289
13º, Rui Miritta (Monteiros Competições/GD), a 1.29.369
14º, Miguel Caetano (Veloso Motorsport/GD), a 1.38.286
15º, Tiago Gonçalves (AM),  1 Laps
16º, Jorge Brioso (AM), 1 Laps
17º, Frank Barrett (GD), 1 Laps
18º, Tiago Silva (AM), 1 Laps
19º, Francisca Queiroz (AM), 2 Laps
20º, Big George (Racar Motorsport/GD), 3 Laps
Fastest Lap: Francisco Mora, com 1m35,895s


Sunday (30 julho)
Free Practice 2 09h00/09h40
Qualification2 11h00/11h20
Race 2 (28’ + 1 volta) 14h30/15h05 *