Mora closes with a win in Valencia

Francisco Mora concluded the Porsche Sprint Challenge Ibérica (PSCI) with a flourish this Sunday afternoon, by winning the second race on the Valencia circuit at the end of the season, confirming his achievement of the “title” of champion, triumphing in the PRO category. -AM and still in Group 991.2. José Barros (category AM 991.2), Aloísio Monteiro (category GD 991.2), Nuno Inocêncio (AM 991.1) and Rui Miritta (Group 991.1) return home as winners of their respective PSCI categories. The final race of the season, in absolute terms, was no different from almost all of the more recent ones.

Mora left the “pole” and never lost control of events, compared to Manuel Alves and Vasco Barros, with the Spaniard Pablo Silvero finishing, as in the morning, in fourth position and first among AM, although without “removing” points To nobody. And the young José Barros, looking for a first place that would allow him, in a race against Ricardo Costa, to win the PSCI AM 991.2 category, achieved this objective with brilliance, despite the commitment and determination of his rival, who would end the race in the last places, after being penalized in 15 seconds, for exceeding the track limits.

In the GD category (991.2), João Posser equaled the result of his partner Miguel Caetano in the morning race and was, without any surprises, ranked first, but Aloísio Monteiro’s second place allowed him to “certify” winning the trophy, with the absolute third-placed (GD) in this race, Rui Miritta, had the double satisfaction of celebrating the final triumph in Group 991.1 of the PSCI. Likewise, Nuno Inocêncio also secured the “title” in the AM-991.1 category.


Race 2 (unofficial)
1st, Francisco Mora (Veloso Motorsport/PRO-AM), 29.52.847
2nd, Manuel Alves (LOB Motorsport/PRO-AM), at 5,814
3rd, Vasco Barros (LOB Motorsport/PRO-AM), at 7,376
4th, Pablo Silvero (Escuderia Faraón/AM), at 7,726
5th, José Barros (Veloso Motorsport/AM), at 11,930
6th, Leandro Martins (Racar Motorsport/AM), at 19,082
7th, João Posser (Veloso Motorsport/GD), at 19,847
8th, Aloísio Monteiro (GD), at 30,001
9th, Nuno Inocêncio (AM), at 30,847
10th, Ricardo Costa (Monteiros Competições/AM), 30,948
11th, Rui Miritta (Monteiros Competições/GD), at 34,475
12th, Francisca Queiroz (AM), at 51,315

Fastest lap: Francisco Mora, with 1,35,755


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